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Learning Assistant - Our City & Guilds Approved NVQ ePortfolio System

City and Guilds Accredited Health and Safety NVQ Qualification

Learning Assistant is the e-portfolio system used by SPICE Personnel Group for delivering our vocational health and safety NVQ qualifications.

With Learning Assistant, our candidates build their portfolios online, submitting evidence for assessment as they progress. Our assessors and verifiers then review the submissions, with all feedback recorded within the system.

Access to the portfolio can also be given to the candidate's employer or an expert witness.

Benefits for Candidates

Candidates no longer need to use paper portfolios. Using Learning Assistant's e-portfolio system means that weighty lever arch folders are a thing of the past. With an internet connection, candidates are able to access their e-portfolio at any time, now working at their own speed, from any location.

Course Folder

The Course Folder is split into units, elements, and performance criteria (to match exactly the Candidates NVQ). The folder also holds the NVQ standards that need to be met. Key documentation, such as course notes, are added electronically. This central store of material allows candidates to work where and when they please. There is no longer the need to have hardcopy notes - everything is viewable on the screen. Candidates can readily see their progression through the qualification.

Evidence Folder

As candidates build their e-portfolio, Learning Assistant allows them to store and manage documents online. Candidates record work which is used as evidence of "standards achieved". All evidence is stored in the Evidence Folder, and can be recorded in any digital format, from Microsoft Word documents to video files. Uploading evidence is no more difficult than attaching a document to an email. Once uploaded, a piece of evidence can be cross-referenced into any section of the qualification, and then electronically submitted for assessment. Assessors, internal and external verifiers can then review the work as necessary.

Accelerated Learning

Learning Assistant accelerates learning by bringing all key players in the learning process together, not bound by time or location. Assessors can assess the candidate's work as it's completed, without the need to visit the candidate's workplace. This increases assessment turnaround time, and allows candidates to work at the pace that suits them.

Contact Diary

The relationship between candidates and their assessors and verifier is supported through the provision of an online "Contact Diary". This delivers a private, personalised record of the learning strategy agreed. Feedback on progress and summaries of one-to-one reviews can be recorded here, so that when the verifier looks at an e-portfolio they see the complete audit trail.

Online Forums

Candidates can collaborate online in real-time. Learning Assistant's Forums encourage the exchange of best practice, and candidates are able to tap into a rich support base throughout the learning cycle.


With Learning Assistant, candidates are truly empowered to manage their own learning. Freed from the constraints of traditional health and safety training methods, learners are able to work anywhere, at anytime, without having to sacrifice the vital support of their trainers. The result is a personalised, collaborative learning program that accelerates learning, and improves the quality of the learning experience.

Health and Safety NVQs

Please click on the relevant titles below to find out more about the City & Guilds accredited health and safety NVQ qualifications which we offer:

NVQ Diploma Level 5 in Occupational Health and Safety Practice

The NVQ Level 5 in Occupational Health and Safety Practice is specific to people who have an autonomous role in their organisation for managing health and safety policy and practice. This health and safety qualification has been accredited on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) at Level 5 and is worth 108 credits. Many universities will accept this qualification as suitable entry requirements for admission to undergraduate and postgraduate study in health and safety.

There are eleven mandatory units in the programme structure plus six elective units comprising a choice of topics, one of which (Unit 611) must be completed to gain IOSH graduate membership recognition.

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NVQ Level 3 Health and Safety

The Level 3 NVQ in Occupational Health and Safety is intended for those whose job role encompasses the area of general health and safety practice, and is suitable for those new to a health and safety role, or mangers who wish to formalise their knowledge and understanding of health and safety in the workplace.

Candidates must complete five mandatory units plus two elective units from a choice of topics.

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